Dog Shedding 101: Why Is My Dog Losing Hair?

Is your dog shedding? Hair loss in dogs is very common. In fact, nearly every dog parent notices their dog losing hair at some point. Oftentimes, it’s just normal, seasonal shedding for your dog’s breed. season. Other times, hair loss in dogs can be caused by something else, such as parasites, stress, dog allergies or another health issue.

Discover the possible reasons for a dog losing hair, and the most important facts about dog shedding. Got an itchy dog? When you’re done reading this post, head on over to our tips for dealing with itchiness when a dog is losing fur.


  • Dog shedding: what’s normal and what’s not?
  • Always know where your dog is
  • Year-round shedding
  • Dog shedding season
    • Dog shedding in winter
  • Dog shedding by breed
    • Dogs that shed the most
    • Non shedding dogs: dogs that don’t shed
  • When do dogs shed their puppy coats?
  • Unusual shedding: symptoms of hair loss in dogs
  • Why is my dog losing hair? Top causes of hair loss in dogs
  • 6 tips to keep dog shedding under control
    • 1. Brush your dog regularly
    • 2. Keep your dog clean
    • 3. Help your dog stay hydrated
    • 4. Feed a high-quality diet
    • 5. Use flea and tick preventatives
    • 6. Reduce your dog’s stress
  • Conclusion on dog shedding

Dog shedding: what’s normal and what’s not?

Shedding refers to when a dog loses hair naturally, to make way for new hair growth. Additionally, shedding helps distribute natural oils throughout the dog’s coat, to keeping it healthy.

How much fur a dog sheds depends on their breed, health condition and coat type, as well as the time of year. So the shedding process looks different for different types of dogs.

What’s important to remember is that basically all dogs shed (with the exception of hairless dogs).

However frustrating your dog’s shedding may be, it’s not possible to stop or prevent dog shedding. But there are a few things you can do to make the process easier on you and your dog.

For most dogs, regular shedding is a normal and healthy part of life. However, excess hair loss in dogs can also be a sign of a health issue that needs to be addressed. So if you notice unusual hair loss in your dog – such as fur loss in patches, dry itchy skin or other signs of a sick dog, talk to your vet.



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