Dog Stopped Eating Dry Food? How to Make It More Appealing…

doberman dog on a yellow background looking at a food bowl

If your pooch is a crunchy kibble kinda dog but suddenly turning their nose up at their usual mealtime fare, it’s time to get curious. Could they have chowed down on too many leftovers or treats lately? Has their usual routine been somewhat disrupted?

In any case, to get your dog to resume their eating routine, you may have to try a few sneaky ways to make their dry food more appetising. Try our easy methods below to get your picky pooch back to craving that kibble.

Why has my dog stopped eating dry food?

Before you do anything else, investigate why your dog is suddenly off their kibble. They could be trying diva tactics, perhaps because they’ve had a glut of delicious table scraps lately and think abstaining from their usual fare will have more showing up in the bowl.

Of more concern, they could be suffering from an illness, such as doggy gastroenteritis or digestive issues. Consider all the reasons your dog may not be hungry, and take them to the vet if you think it’s more than a simple preference issue.

Dog stopped eating dry food but eats wet food

If your pooch has developed a taste for wet food, this isn’t surprising – many dogs prefer the texture, flavour and smell of wet dog food. There are tons of reasons you may prefer a dry food diet for your dog, though – from its highly condensed nutrient content to the fact that it’s easier to portion and usually more economical than wet food.

If this is the case, your best option is to boost the sensory appeal of your dog’s dry food so that they find it worth that extra sniff.

Can I mix wet food and dry dog food together?

wet and dry dog food in a bowl

Some stubborn dogs just won’t be satisfied until they get their paws on the sloppy stuff. To lure them back to the bowl, try adding a few spoons of wet food and dry food together. Be sure the dry pieces are stirred in well, or your pooch may pick out the wet chunks and leave the rest. Then, with each mealtime, reduce the amount of wet food you’re adding to the bowl. Over time, your dog should hopefully be eating dry food again without realising.



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