Feeding Requirements of a Dog During Pregnancy

To have puppies is incredibly both exciting and exhausting for a pet owner. The greatest concern your pregnant dog needs is to meet its nutritional requirements. A healthy diet makes the duration of a dog’s pregnancy and birth comfortable.

Firstly you as a dog owner you should be aware of the signs of dog pregnancy.

Being a dog owner, you probably feel wonderful about these cute tiny puppies of your furry friend. But for the mother dog, it is going to be hard work to have babies inside the belly, giving birth, and taking care of the naughty litters.

What do you need to do to help your canine companion through her pregnancy?

It is very important to make sure that the food you provide to your dog contains all the required nutrients. Both mother and her puppies will get an adequate amount of energy with the use of a balanced diet.

We know that balanced nutrition is key to a healthy life for your canine friend.  Throughout your dog’s life, you cannot keep the nutrition the same, because the nutritional needs of the pregnant dog vary from that of a lactating and non-pregnant one. Let’s take a look at some general feeding recommendations for pregnant dogs.

The energy needs of a pregnant dog differ from that of a non-pregnant adult dog

The 9 weeks of pregnancy will be a challenging time for a female dog. She faces enormous nutritional pressure. The energy requirements of your dog increases during pregnancy. In this regard, a complete and nutritious diet is of the utmost importance in keeping your pregnant dog in good health.

Veterinarians recommend dog owners feed their canines a high-energy diet during pregnancy that has adequate levels of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

You can only rely on premium-quality dog food made by some authentic manufacturers to feed your dog during pregnancy. These diets are incomparable to homemade diets fed to non-pregnant dogs. Since homemade diets don’t provide the correct balance of nutrition and energy level required by a pregnant dog. In addition, these diets can work well for non-pregnant dogs only when they are supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Your dog needs a large volume of homemade diets if you start feeding them to your pregnant dog.



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