Fun Games to Play with your Dog at the Park

Going to the park with your dog is an excellent way to bond, exercise, and train your dog. Sometimes when you head to the park it can be challenging to come up with fun activities or dog training games that you can do with your dog. To help, we’ve listed some fun games to play with your dog.

Frisbee or Fetch

Classic for a reason. Many dogs love to chase and retrieve. Fetch is also a great dog training game because it helps teach your dog to respond to cues, wait before running, and how to release the Frisbee or ball.

To play, you’ll need a Frisbee or a ball that you don’t mind your dog chewing. (Tennis balls are great for fetch because they’re easy to throw and retrieve.

Have your dog sit next to you, tell the dog to stay, and then throw the ball. At your command, the dog can chase after the Frisbee or ball. Once they retrieve the ball, give the command for releasing the ball.

Tug of War

Tug of War is another classic game for dogs that stimulates and exercises your dog. You’ll need a dog rope and some space to tug.

Allow your dog to grab one end of the rope and then tug against them in a battle of strength. If your dog becomes too aggressive or nips during the game, then drop your end of the rope and say, “no.” This will teach them appropriate manners when playing the game.

Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek is another fun game to play with your dog that doubles as a pet training game. You’ll be working on teaching your dog to obey the commands “stay” and “go.”

Place your dog in one area of the park, and tell them to stay. Continue to tell them to stay while you hide behind something. Then give the command “go” and see if they can find you. You can also have others hide and give the command “find” and the person’s name.

Agility Training Games

For active dogs that enjoy brain-stimulating games, you should bring some obstacle course toys like tubes, hoops, and cones to create a course for your dog to run. There’s no wrong way to set up a course, and you can mix it up to challenge your dog’s mental and physical ability.

Agility training courses are also a sneaky way to do dog training exercises. Not only will they get a lot of physical activity but you can also train them to obey many different commands as they learn to do the course. Using training treats is a great way to reward your dog for completing an obstacle or following a command.



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