Healthy Oils To Add To Your Dogs Diet

Healthy Oils To Add To Your Dogs Diet

All parents out there would want their pets to be healthy and happy all times. One way to achieve this goal is to make sure that the pet gets the required nutrition from whatever they eat. Some pets do not like certain foods, or they may have allergies to some foods. Moreover, some pets may not completely absorb the vital nutrients such as fatty acids and that is when your pet does not get the complete nutrition.

One of the crucial nutrition supplement all dogs and cats need is fatty acids, and they are famously known as ‘Essential Fatty Acids’. They are impossible to reproduce from non-fat sources like protein or carbohydrate but needs to be provided in the form of a diet.

There are two types of fats saturated and unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are known to be the good fats, and mostly found in plant-based foods such as nuts, seeds and oils. Oils are the easiest ways to add nutrients to your pet’s diet because oils are somewhat distinct in food.

Here is the list of a few essential oils that can be used to add further nutrition to your pet’s daily diet!



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