Holiday Foods to Keep Away from Your Dog

The holiday season is the perfect time to spoil your pet with gifts and extra treats. While you indulge in your festive feasts, though, you’ll want to be careful about what you share with your dog. What’s delicious for you can end up being toxic for dogs, and no one wants to deal with an unexpected health emergency, especially during the holidays.

If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, be sure to talk to your guests about which foods to avoid feeding your dog, no matter how tempting his puppy dog eyes can be.

Read on for some of the top holiday foods that should absolutely not be shared with dogs.

Rich, Fatty Foods

Turkey or chicken skin, gravy and fatty meat drippings, mashed potatoes with butter and milk… if you’re a fan of these foods, we have good news: you get a plate all to yourself. In other words, do not share these fatty foods with your dog, or he may be in for some unpleasant tummy troubles.

As far as meat goes, keep Fido’s servings plain, boneless, and well-cooked.

Cooked Bones

While dogs and bones are a common combo, you’ll want to avoid tossing any cooked bones Fido’s way. Cooked bones can crack and splinter, which could lead to choking or internal damage.

That said, raw bones can be safe and healthy for your pooch. They can be a good source of minerals and nutrients, along with bacteria-fighting enzymes. Just make sure the raw bones are large enough that they can’t be swallowed whole.


Alliums are toxic to dogs, so avoid feeding your dog any dishes that contain alliums such as onions, chives, shallots, and scallions. It’s harmful to your dog’s red blood cells in any form—fresh, cooked, or powdered—so avoid these ingredients altogether to be safe.



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