How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Chewing Their Paws?

Does your dog have an excessive licking or gnawing habit? Are you wondering, “how can I get my dog to STOP chewing their paws?” then you’re in the right location!

Now, let’s define “excessive” because a dog chewing on their paws or feet is actually quite common. It really only becomes a problem when they’re doing it so often that the flesh turns a red color and develops a raw spot.

Obviously, as pet owners, their wellbeing is top priority to us. If we can see the signs early and prevent them from licking their paws, that’s a dog parent win!

Four Tips to Prevent Excessing Licking or Biting

It’s important to communicate any potential problems to your vet ASAP. This guide is intended to help improve your dog’s comfort, but shouldn’t be used in place of professional care. We hope this information proves useful when trying to get your dog to stop chewing their paws.

Dog excessively chewing on their paws.

Confirm it Isn’t a Medical Issue

Constant licking of the paws could be a sign your dog is experiencing discomfort. Check them for any signs of injury that they might be trying to nurse. For active dogs, it is easy for them to sustain scrapes and cuts on their pads.

If there isn’t a noticeable abrasion, but your dog doesn’t want to put any pressure on the leg/paw, they might have a joint injury. Internal problems can be a bit harder to diagnose. If only dogs could talk and just tell us what is wrong.

Look for these signs of joint or bone problems:

  • Excessive licking of joint
  • Limping
  • Slowing down on walks
  • Less interest in active games

To help prevent possible bone issues, consider adding a joint and hip supplement to your dog’s diet. By doing so from an early age, they’ve got a better chance at healthy joints later in life.

Green Gruff EASE Plus hip & joint chews are made with ingredients high in glucosamine to help slow degeneration of collagen. Paired full spectrum CBD, EASE Plus provides a range of effects to improve wellbeing.



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