How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Every Day?

The amount of exercise your dog needs, depends on its breed and age. We know how busy live gets and it’s hard to keep up with the daily exercise needs of your dog. Let’s have a look at suggested activity time based on your pup’s breed and age, and how to exercise your dog even if you’re short on time.

How much exercise does your dog need every day?

Your dog’s exercise needs change based on its breed and age. As puppies grow older, it’s vital for them to get enough outdoor playtime and potty time. A good rule is a ratio of five minutes of exercise per month of age until the puppy is full grown, i.e. 15 minutes (up to twice a day) when three months old, 20 minutes when four months old etc.

Great exercises for shorter periods of time will be things like swimming, short games of fetch with small exercise balls and short walks. These are all great forms of puppy exercises.

When dog grow older, they generally require less and less attention. The perfect exercise activities for adult dogs would be hiking, relay-race games and play dates with doggy friends. These are fulfilling activities that will leave you and your dog feeling well worked out.

As dogs get to a more senior age, they will start needing a lot less exercise, just like us senior humans. Although walks should still be an important part of a senior dog’s life, they should be short walks at a slower pace. Another great exercise is swimming. It’s a great exercise alternative for senior dogs.



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