How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

We always say that the only thing better than a dog is a clean dog. And while their clean state is typically short-lived (because mud is a dog’s best friend), there’s no sweeter feeling than cuddling a pup that’s fresh from the bath. But bathtime itself can feel like a chore, so it’s only natural to ask, “How often should I bathe my dog?”

While it’s common for many owners to bathe their dogs about once a month, our Veterinary Dermatologist, Dr. Anthea Schick, recommends bathing your dog once a week to reduce allergens for both dogs and humans. It may seem more frequent than you expect, but think of your dog’s coat as an allergen swiffer—it collects dust and pollen, which a regular wash will help rinse away. If you bathe your fur baby more often, it’s also important to use a pH balanced, moisturizing shampoo to help prevent your pup’s skin from drying out. A harsh shampoo can strip away natural oils, disrupting your dog’s skin barrier function. Below are some things to consider as you create a bathing schedule for your dog.

dog shaking off water

4 Things to Consider When Bathing Your Dog

  •  Coat type: Hair coats tend to be longer in length than fur coats, they go through a longer growth cycle and shed less frequently. These types of coats may trap dust and allergens which can trigger allergies in pets and/or humans. Longer hair also needs more conditioning to keep it silky and tangle free. Dogs with fur coats shed more often so they produce more dander (the dried flakes of your pet’s skin). Frequent bathing will help reduce dander levels in your dog’s coat and around your home.
  • Activity level: A dog that likes to roll in mud and go on hikes has very different hygiene needs than a dog who prefers to stay at home. It is likely that an active dog that enjoys the outdoors will need a bath more frequently than a dog that prefers to hang on the couch.



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