How Often to Change Cat Litter?

Keeping a cat at home will inevitably have some odor, using cat litter will reduce the odor of feces, solve the pet owners’ troubles.

Although cat litter can be deodorant, it needs to be replaced regularly.

But do you know how often and how to change the litter?

1. Why should we use litter for cats?

If cats can get used to using the litter, that’s the best thing.

Because after the use of cat litter, cat urination or defecation processing is more convenient, only need to replace the cat litter can, and will not produce a very bad odor, can keep the air in the home fresh.

It takes time and effort to clean up after your cat’s excrement if you don’t use litter.

So cats should try to cultivate the habit of using litter when they are young.

2. How often should cat litter be replaced?

It is recommended to change the cat litter every two weeks. Of course, the actual situation also depends on the type of cat litter chosen by you and the daily habit of raising cats. It takes about 20 days to completely change the cat litter in my home.

I have used several varieties of cat litter. The better one is tofu cat litter, which absorbs water and has strong agglomeration performance. The measured result is about 3 seconds to absorb into a group, and it can remain in a group even if it is not removed in time, which can ensure that the smell of cat feces or urine will not be easily dispersed.

In addition, I always scoop up the poop in time, and then spray it with pet deodorant for 3 times to thoroughly decompose the smell of feces and urine, keeping the litter box clean and the house odor-free.

About 20 days to replace a cat litter, when changing the cat litter, you can thoroughly clean and disinfect at the same time. As long as the daily cleaning in addition to disinfection, in fact, the cat litter need not be replaced too often.

3. The consequences of not changing the cat litter in time

If the litter is not replaced in a timely manner, it can become smelly and leave a strange smell in the house, and your cat may turn away from it and take care of its excretion elsewhere in the house~



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