How to Choose the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs

In most cases, any dog can benefit from a good joint supplement. But some pups need joint health support more than others.

Dogs that need joint support the most include:

Large Breed Dogs: Many large dog breeds, like Mastiffs and Great Danes, carry extra weight and are naturally prone to more skeletal and joint conditions, such as hip or elbow dysplasia. Joint supplements can help prevent painful problems for these pups.

Senior Dogs: Older canine citizens tend to produce less glucosamine, which makes them susceptible to joint inflammation and stiffness, as well as osteoarthritis. A good joint health supplement for senior dogs can ease a lot of their discomfort.

Injured Dogs: If your pup suffers from skeletal or joint pain due to a genetic condition or physical trauma, adding a joint supplement to their daily wellness routine can go a long way to providing natural pain relief, and keep them away from harmful narcotics.

One of the best ways to answer the “Does my dog need a joint supplement?” question you’ve been asking yourself is to consult your veterinarian to make sure your pup will benefit from a dietary supplement. Your dog’s doc will be able to help you find the best dog joint supplement for your pup and help keep them in tip-top health.



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