How to clean pets with sensitive skin?

When we talk about cat skin diseases, the first thing that comes to many cat owners’ minds is ringworm. But in this article, we want to talk about another type of skin issue. Some cats have allergic reactions to certain ingredients, which might lead to a skin disease commonly called “feline allergic dermatitis. How to clean pets with sensitive skin?

How to care about pets with sensitive skin?

Feline allergic dermatitis

Why do some cats have allergies? Like humans, cats can experience allergic reactions. When their immune system doesn’t work properly, they can overreact to foreign substances that attack them excessively. When that happens, their immune system misidentifies chemical agents as “evil invaders” and tries to fight with excessive immune responses.

Some cats are born with an allergy. They can have an innate immune system disorder, possibly due to hereditary reasons. In other words, cats born with allergies may have allergic reactions to allergens for the rest of their lives.

An allergen is a substance that can cause an allergic reaction. Many allergens may affect cats’ skin. Some of those can come from cleaning products.

how to care about pets with sensitive skin

Bath ingredients that may be toxic to pets

If your pets could talk, they would surely say, “HOLD THAT SHAMPOO!” when you approach a product that may irritate them. But they can’t, and they’re relying on you to give them the best care. So, here are some bath product ingredients that may be toxic to your pets and that you should avoid to keep your furry friends healthy and safe.



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