How to Help Your Dog with Seasonal Allergies

As most of us know, seasonal allergies can be rough. Our immune systems go into overdrive resulting in itchy eyes, runny noses – you name it. Our precious furry friends deal with these allergies in a very similar way, commonly through itchiness and irritation. If your doggo suffers with seasonal allergies, keep reading for a few tips and tricks on how to help prevent a not-so-fun allergy season.

1) Ramp up bath time

With your vet’s approval, it might be beneficial to your pup to take baths more often along with the use of hypoallergenic anti-itch shampoo. Getting rid of any pollens or allergens they might’ve collected on their fur or skin will help prevent itchiness.

2) Avoid walks when pollen levels are high

Typically, pollen levels are higher in the early morning or late afternoon. If possible, take walks in between these times to help avoid collecting allergens. You don’t want to track allergens into your home where they can further cause itchiness and irritation for your pup.



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