How to improve your dog’s coat, condition and skin

Fluffy dog on a pink background

They may be a lot hairier, but in a lot of ways, dogs are like us. They function best on nutritious and varied foods, feel great after exercise, and have an added spring in their step when they look particularly well groomed.

Achieving that gorgeous, just-groomed look is a key part of being a responsible dog parent – but there are plenty of ways to get their coat looking and feeling as glorious as a Crufts contestant without a weekly visit to the doggy beauty parlour.

Read on for our easy, expert advice on improving your dog’s coat condition and skin, for flouncy fur that begs for admiration.

What does a dog’s coat condition mean?

You may think your dog’s hairdo is intended purely for warmth and a side of cuteness, but it’s actually a big indicator of physical health. Just like humans, dogs have different hair types – from curly, fluffy or coarse to long-haired and short-haired – and therefore, variable signs of whether their coat is in a good or iffy condition. Be sure to read up on how your dog’s coat should look and feel based on their breed, and do everything possible to ensure they feel light, comfortable and relaxed in their own skin.

What does it mean if my dog’s coat is shiny?

A shiny coat on your dog is ideal – especially if strangers slow down and swoon in the street – but at the very least, a healthy dog’s coat should be as soft as possible and free of dandruff and greasiness. This happens when your dog’s coat and skin is producing just the right amount of natural oils, and is generally in good health.

Don’t worry if your dog’s fur is more matte than glossy, though, as there are plenty of good reasons why their coat might not shine. White fur doesn’t reflect light like darker coloured fur, for example, and it’s tough to achieve a shine on dogs with a short and wiry coat. Other dogs simply love to roll about in the dust and dirt, so if you get any amount of shine on their fur, it may only last a few minutes – but this doesn’t necessarily mean that their coat isn’t healthy.



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