How to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

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It’s easy for some pups to feel bored or become a canine couch potato when they spend a lot of time indoors, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating.

But, it’s still super important for dogs to get their daily exercise regardless! That’s why we’re here to share five of the best ways to keep your dog active indoors.

1. Make an Indoor Obstacle Course

Remember making forts with old cardboard boxes and blankets when you were a kid? Well, maybe it’s time to channel your inner architect again!

Try repurposing items around your house to create a fun, interactive obstacle course for your pup. You can try building a tunnel with couch cushions, set up a weaving obstacle with small boxes, and even use a pool noodle and two chairs to create a jumping obstacle!

You might get a few weird looks from your dog at first, but try guiding your furry friend with a treat to help them connect the dots.

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2. Try a Treat Dispenser

Speaking of tasty treats, there are a number of different ways to incorporate some yummy goodies into your interactive games with your furry friend.

Whether it’s for playing fetch, hide and go seek, or tug-of-war, treat dispensers and toys that hold treats are awesome ways to tire out Fido! Some of our favorite treat/food dispensers are:



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