How to Know If My Cat Is Planning World Domination?

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Just think for a second; if that statement is to be true, you better start finding a hideout because if they decide to take over the world, we will be in grave danger (Like literally ‘grave’ danger).

Can’t figure out why your cats give you that surprised look like they had been caught red-handed doing something fishy every time you walk into the room? If you said YES aloud or just nodded (fearful that they might be hearing), then maybe it’s not just in your head. What if those feline carnivores ARE in fact planning world domination? We understand you just can’t go out, shout and try to get people on your side knowing how those furry little things can charm others (remember Shrek, anyone?). So, what can you do?

You need proof; proof that shows that they are up to something suspicious and in order to get that proof, you need to carefully observe all the signs and signals they are transmitting.

1. Keeps an eye on you ALL the time:

If you keep finding them everywhere in the house (even if they don’t leave you alone in the toilet), it’s a sure-tell sign that they don’t want to let their target out-of-sight. Be scared if you find them staring right at you as if they can see into your soul because that is what they are probably aiming for.

2. Stares into the distance for hours:

At first, you may think, “Aww how cute, let me click a selfie” but know this; they are communicating with their friends above (our guess aliens and creating a war army) nothing cute about it anymore, right?

3. Melt your heart with their cuteness:

Let’s not even get started on those puppy dog eyes they give you when you catch them doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing. It’s a trap; don’t fall for it!

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4. Take up a fight with the neighbor’s cat for no apparent reason

The possible explanation could be that the neighbors’ cat really loves its owners and your cat is trying to convince you otherwise. Or, it could be the perfect distraction to deliberately allow you to think, “Oh, they are just cats, they are stupid.”

5. Bring back-up when you disagree:

Whenever they feel that they are losing an argument with you, they always bring back-up to defend themselves. It was already difficult to resist one meow, how are you going to resist three? The end result; you have no choice but to cancel the trip to the vet altogether.



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