How to protect young birds from your cat: 5 tips & recommendations

Many pet owners have a heart for wildlife, therefore, they try to protect it as long as it is in their power to do so. If you own a cat, for sure you agree: protecting the birds in your garden from your kitty isn’t always simple. Is there a safe way for a cat and bird to live in the same environment? We have the best tips on how to keep birds safe when there’s a cat in the neighborhood.

Cat and bird living together – is this possible?

Cats are natural born predators. This can already be a challenge at home, with cats hunting anything that moves, such as feet, curtains or cables. But most likely, the real danger is outdoors. With an increasing number of house cats hunting outside, it becomes more and more difficult to keep birds nesting in your garden safe. But don’t worry; with these tips, it is possible.

Control your cat’s behaviour

So why is it that even if you feed your cat sufficiently, she still hunts when given the chance? The answer lies in behavioural traits that are buried deeply within every cat’s biology: hunting is fun!

Note: It keeps them busy, it challenges them and is both a mental sport and physical exercise.

The chase of a cat and bird is seen as a fun activity for your kitty. But if your cat loves hunting so much, how do you keep her from doing it?

  • One option is to have your cat neutered. After castration, its hormonal balance changes and the urge to hunt usually lessens as well. Nevertheless, even neutered animals still have strong instincts, so here are some tips on how to handle hunting behaviour in your pet.
  • What you, as a cat parent could also do, is to offer your cat alternatives to hunting, such as keeping your cat entertained indoors.

Make the indoor environment stimulating for your cat

1. Keep your cat busy by providing her things to play with: From store-bought toys to toilet paper rolls or long blades of grass, get creative and find out what your feline likes to play with most.

2.Challenge your kitty with a larger assortment of entertainment: Something to roll around on the floor, balls to shoot themselves, toys to follow around or jump after, maybe even make your cat work for her food. Sometimes dinner tastes even better when it had to be won out of a toy.

3.Be persistent: Some cats are lazy when it comes to toys and don’t play by themselves. If your cat needs that extra attention, try to make time to play with her every now and then. After a while, most cats will give in to their instincts and enjoy playing on their own.

If your cat is particularly active and all the distractions in the world won’t help, some natural remedies or homeopathic preparations might also be an option. Examples include

  • Bach remedies
  • herbal tonics and
  • globules, which are available for animals

Pharmacies and veterinarians can help you choose what’s right for your kitty. This way, cat and bird worries can eventually also be reduced, by having a more relaxed cat.



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