How to Put on a Slush Suit

Do you want to give your dog full body protection from cold weather and rainy, muddy, and slushy elements? The Slush Suit is a protective suit for dogs that offers full body coverage and a layer of warmth during transitional weather into Fall and the Winter months. This includes covering your dog’s back, belly, and legs so that they are shielded from the elements.

Plus, the dog Slush Suit has a water-resistant exterior that will keep your dog’s fur clean and dry from rain, mud, slush, and snow, meaning no more wet or muddy cleanup required after your dog’s outdoor adventures!

Although dog onesies may seem a bit tricky to put on four legs, we have tips for how to put on a dog onesie to ensure  there are no gymnastics involved for you or your dog! The dog Slush Suit is thoughtfully designed for a smooth and accessible experience with  its easy pull-on design.

Read on to learn how to put on and properly fit your dog’s Slush Suit with tips recommended by Canada Pooch’s expert fit team!

How do I put the Slush Suit on my dog?

You made the excellent choice of buying the Slush Suit for your pup, but how do you put it on? To put on and achieve a comfortable fit, picking the right size and taking advantage of the protective suit’s adjustable features will be helpful in getting your pup outfitted and ready to make the most of the Slush Suit’s protective benefits.



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