Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound has a glossy, long and dense coat. It has a coarse, straight and hard outer coat and a soft, dense inner coat.

This breed is usually white with either liver or red Irish markings. They have long, slothy ears and a short, straight muzzle. History:

While, the Irish Wolfhound is widely believed to have originated from Ireland, there is some belief that the Irish Wolfhound as we know it today was created in poultry farms in Ireland.

This breed has been used as a messenger dog, a hunter, a cattleman, a guard dog and even a guide dog for the blind. This breed makes a fine, loyal family pet and wonderful therapy to ill or orphaned children.

The Irish Wolfhound is considered to be a dog of extraordinary beauty. Their large, graceful and upright appearance is due, in part, to this breed’s Edwardian muzzle. When they worked as a pack dog, this breed would stare down its prey from a distance to frighten it. We know because of this that this breed is far eyesighted.



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