Is it bad to put a blanket on a dog?

Does your dog need a blanket? Is it even safe to put a blanket on your pet? Questions like these often trouble a fairly big number of dog owners. Is their coat enough for them during winter? Will the blanket be too heavy for them? Can they even be in danger under it?

You’ve come to the right pace if you’re looking for answers for your blanket-related pet conundrums. We are about to explain how you should approach this issue and alleviate any fears you might have. Let’s get started!

Is it safe to put a blanket on my dog?

As a general rule – yes! Dog blankets (or regular blankets, for that matter) are generally very safe for dogs because they can move around under them and will simply get out and move away if they feel uncomfortable.

Even if they’re asleep under the blanket, you generally don’t have to worry. Dogs are very light sleepers and change positions and even places where they sleep several times during the night, so if they don’t like something, they will handle it quickly.

Generally speaking, you have nothing to worry about, although there are some things to keep in mind, but more on that later in the text.

dog under blanket

Do dogs need blankets during winter?

While many dogs do have thick fur that can keep them warm, the truth is that they could often use a blanket on a cold winter night. So, if it gets cold in your house, getting a dog blanket could be a great move, and your pet will appreciate that very much.

Naturally, it all depends on how cold your winter is, but if you don’t live in a tropical part of the world, you may want to consider getting a blanket for your pets, especially if they have a dog house outside.

In fact, for anything below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (about 7 degrees Celsius), you may want to have a dog blanket ready.

Benefits of providing blankets for your dog

Getting puppy blankets for your dog may turn out to be a great move in more ways than one. You see, apart from protecting them, their very own (maybe even personalized?) blankets can have quite a soothing psychological effect.



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