Keep Your Dog Active as a Great Way to Show Love and Affection

While we don’t really reserve showing our pets affection and care for just one day, with Valentine’s Day coming up soon, we’re thinking a lot more about how to care for others and possibly ourselves as well. 

There’s nothing better than going out for a stroll with our dogs. Staying active with our furry friends is a great way of showing affection for our pups by keeping them healthy. And just by being there next to us, our dogs are keeping us healthy in turn. 

Even though it’s pretty chilly outside in many areas this time of year, it’s never a bad time to think about mobility and health for our pets and for ourselves too. Let’s highlight some everyday things we can do and good habits we can develop to keep our furry friends mobile and active.

What Does Healthy Activity Do for Our Dogs?

Regular mobility is very important. It keeps the joints from getting stiff and helps to maintain good muscle tone. 

Most dogs are built for some degree of activity and their bodies require a certain amount of activity every day to maintain good health. 

Why is Mobility a Great Avenue for Mutual Affection?

Exercise, whether it’s a short 15 minute walk, 3 mile run, a hike, or playing a game of fetch, is very enjoyable for many dogs. Some active dog breeds, like those intended for herding, hunting, or retrieving are physically built to be more active and athletic, making these activities naturally enjoyable and fulfilling for them.

Many dogs also desire companionship and any time you can bring together both an exercise activity and companionship by doing those things together, this helps support good mental and behavioral health and further the bond you share.

The benefits of exercise and companionship aren’t just for our dogs because they benefit us too. Any relationship with a pet should be a two way street with love, affection, and support going both ways. It’s a mutual bond.

By keeping our dogs active, they keep us active, and the health benefits for both of us including physical, mental, and behavioral benefits, are vast.

Regular exercise helps us to lose excess weight and maintain a stable weight, improves cardiovascular health, and supports mental health through the release of endorphins which aid in improving our mood and happiness.

Going out for just a 15 minute walk with your dog can make you both healthier and happier!



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