Let’s Set your Pet’s Weight to Ideal

Holiday season is done and dusted but has left its marks with those extra calories and layers of fats not only on you but also on your loved companion; thanks to holiday delicacies and treats followed up with more treats.

Month of January is National Weight Loss Awareness Month.  So, if there is a good time to start working towards reducing some numbers on the weighing machine scale and maintaining what is called an ideal body mass for your pet, it is NOW!!!

Dig in to see what advantages do maintaining healthy weight has;

Studies have shown that overweight dogs have a shorter life expectancy by about two and a half years. Generally, overweight dogs tend to suffer from various ailments including arthritis, pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension and hyperthyroidism. Keeping your dog on healthy weight reduces or even eliminates the risk of these chronic illnesses. Moreover, reduced body weight take a stress off from your dog’s joints and help them move swiftly with little or no strain, enjoy their fun time while playing fetching with you even in their golden years.

To begin with, see a Vet.

The best way to start helping your dog lose some pounds is take your pet to your family veterinarian. The vet will examine your pet and assess your dog’s health to ensure whether the weight gain has anything to do with any other underlying chronic illnesses such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s syndrome. Once the possibilities of such ailments are ruled out, your veterinarian will provide you an appropriate advice in respect to the animal’s ideal weight, proper diet and work out plans.



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