Luring, Capturing, and Shaping: Three Dog Training Techniques Every Dog Owner Should Learn

Luring, Capturing, and Shaping: Three Dog Training Techniques Every Dog Owner Should LearnThis article is focused on 3 major techniques used by pro dog trainers to teach tricks and new behaviors: Luring, Capturing, and Shaping. All of these methods use what is known as positive training, or rewards based training.

If you are new to rewards based training, keep in mind these basic principles that will help you and your dog succeed:

  • Use a sound, such as a clicker, to mark the behavior you want, always followed by a reward.The sound is called a “marker.”
  • Keep training sessions short enough that you quit BEFORE your dog begins to lose focus and enthusiasm.
  • Set your dog up for success to improve their motivation to learn.
  • Don’t correct your dog during a training session. Instead, ignore behavior you are not looking for and reward the behavior you are looking for.
  • Be clear in your head about what criteria you are rewarding, raising the bar only after your dog has shown lots of success at the previous criteria.
  • Training sessions should feel like a game to your dog. The game is “do this – get that.” If you are not having a good time, neither is your dog. Come back to a training session when you are in a good headspace to make sure training is a fun exercise for you both.

Luring Dog Training

Luring is a dog training technique that is so easy to learn that it is a great place for those new to training, as well as for use with puppies who are learning their first tricks. In fact, luring is so easy that some people never move past it, over-relying on this technique to train their dogs. While it is a powerful technique, be sure to move on to other training methods to make the most of your dog training time.

How do I lure my dog?

  1. Hold the treat in your hand and let your dog sniff it and even lick it.
  2. Move your hand slowly so that your dog follows it with their nose and the rest of their body.
  3. Once you have the desired movement, mark with your dedicated marker sound (or click) and then let the dog have the treat.

Here is a great video showing the lure technique to teach a sit:



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