Massive Rise in Pet Ownership in the UK

According to a report published by Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA), 3.2 million UK households have acquired a pet since the coronavirus pandemic began. The association further adds that as of now, there are 17 million pet owners across the nation. Young people seem to be the main drivers behind this trend, with over half of new pet owners aged between 16 and 34.

Pet ownership up by 30% since lockdown

Most folks in the UK have understandably bought cats and dogs in response to the anxieties and loneliness they face due to social distancing and isolation. However, all the while, there are also concerns about animal welfare and owners facing difficulties, as many are not aware of the proper cat training or dog training required, or the right kind of nutrition, for instance.

Many UK supermarkets have reported a shortage of certain cat and dog food products because of the unprecedented rise in pet ownership across the nation.

Despite the sheer joy and excitement owning a pet brings to the entire household, some owners are finding it more troublesome and difficult than anticipated to provide proper care for their pet. Over a third of new pet owners stated that it was almost like having a ‘new baby’ in the house, while a fifth of families with little ones in the house said that training a new pet was proving to be very “challenging”.

Due to this, 5% pet owners who bought a cat or dog during the pandemic have given up on pet training altogether. With that said, 74% reported that their pet definitely helped in improving their mental state and wellbeing while they were trying their best to cope with the coronavirus restrictions.



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