Mud about adventure – Meet Opie the energetic White Shepherd mix

It was the ears that got her. When Autumn was searching for a rescue dog, she stopped on a photo of a White Shepherd mix whose big ears stood straight up. Autumn immediately knew this dog, Opie, was the perfect fit for the small farm she lived on with her family.

What Autumn didn’t know yet was that Opie was a VERY energetic dog. One of the most active pups out there, in fact, according to Tractive’s activity monitoring data. He logs 300-500 minutes running, walking, and playing – per day!

Opie the Shepherd mix dog and his three brothers sitting inside the living room wearing Tractive GPS trackers.
Opie the energetic White Shepherd mix rescue dog with his three brothers, all wearing the Tractive GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor for dogs.

When Opie arrived at the farm as a puppy in November 2020, “We thought we were crazy for a while,” Autumn said. “Then, we discovered Tractive and were relieved to find out we weren’t crazy – Opie really was the most active dog around.”



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