My Dog Won’t Eat Their Supplements. What Can I Do?

Many of us have dogs that are eager to eat everything in their sight. Then, there’s some of us with dogs that like to turn their nose away from anything in front of them. This can make it exceptionally hard when trying to feed your dog and give them their dog supplements. If your dog is refusing to eat their supplements, you might be asking yourself – What can I do to help my dog enjoy them? Don’t worry, there are many tips and tricks that help even the strongest-willed dogs eat the supplements they need.

Camouflage Method

Hiding or mixing your dog’s supplements in their food is the most common and obvious method. Dogs should eat many meals a day and usually look forward to each and every one. So why not mix their dog supplements within their meals? The chances of your dog noticing that they’re eating nutritious supplements with their meals are very slim. This method is popular because it is simple and effective, while still allowing your dog to enjoy their daily diet.

If your dog is wet-fed or given homemade meals, crumble up their supplement and incorporate it throughout the meal. This is a great way to keep the dog supplement masked and consistently distributed. On the other hand, if you feed your dog kibble this method can be a little trickier. Since kibble is a dry food, it can be harder to incorporate a dog supplement seamlessly. However, you can still crumble up the dog supplement into small bite-size pieces and mix it throughout. Just make sure the supplements are evenly spread and broken into smaller pieces than the kibble itself.

Baiting Method

You know your dog loves a good snack time. In addition, this can be a good time for you to sneak in a dog supplement within their treats. If you’re training your dog or they did anything worthy of a treat, try this method. After they perform a trick, reward them with one of their favorite treats. Then, have them do another task and hand either a dog supplement alone or complemented with a treat. To finish off, give them one more treat to keep them happy and motivated. Nonetheless, snack time is a great opportunity to incorporate a dog supplement. So, whether you’re giving your dog peanut butter or a dog treat, try to fix their dog supplements in together.



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