Natural Antioxidant: Full-Spectrum CBD

There are many known benefits of using full-spectrum hemp CBD. Those benefits include improved pain relief, decreased anxiety and depression, and anti-inflammatory properties. Research also suggests that CBD is a fantastic, natural antioxidant!

“Antioxidants” are a common marketing hook, especially when purchasing skin products or considering diet changes. What is their true value for our pets’ health and wellness? How do antioxidants help the body? Why are they so important?

Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Antioxidants help the body to defend against free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable atoms, which bounce around the body causing cellular damage and oxidative stress. Over time, these pesky particles can cause significant harm to your pet’s body.

Free radicals can form as a result of a number of different events. This includes exposure to pollution, infections, as well as an imbalance of minerals or vitamins. In many cases, the regular consumption of highly processed foods and unmet nutritional needs are similarly responsible.

One theory also suggests that the process of aging is accelerated when cells accumulate free radical damage. Research indicates that free radicals can destroy the substances that the cell requires to function properly, causing mutations, which speed up the production of free radicals and the damage they inflict. According to research, this damage can lead to a number of different diseases including heart disease, cancer and a number of cognitive disorders.

Antioxidants, such as CBD attract these atoms like a magnet, hanging on to free-radicals as they are excreted together by the body.

Ensuring the body has the necessary natural antioxidants doesn’t mean our pets are immune to the forces of time. But, if we can keep free radicals to a minimum there is a greater potential to slow the inevitable breakdown of the body’s cells.

Natural Antioxidant

The body produces some antioxidants, but we can also get it from food sources or supplements. Some examples of antioxidants include:



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