New puppy checklist: Everything you need to know

Outside of the sleeping and toilet training routines we’ve outlined, there’s a few extra items you’ll want to have.

We know that puppies love to chew – they can’t help it. Prepare for puppy biting with some hard-wearing toys that will keep your pup busy for longer. It’s worth noting that unfortunately, puppy biting is never reserved for the things you’d like your puppy to chew on! Protect your puppy (and your possessions) by being mindful of where you keep common household items. A puppy biting favourite is often shoes; investing in a shoe rack with a closing door or finding an out of sight storage area is a good idea.

You’ll find yourself contemplating what to feed a puppy and there’re so many options it can be overwhelming! It’s important to know that puppies grow 20 times faster than adult dogs, so require nutrient-dense food to help them grow. You may want to feed wet. Dry, or a mixture of both. Any of these choices are suitable for a puppy, but it’s important to choose a high-quality food that is complete and free from grains and artificial colours or preservatives.



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