New Year Resolutions for Pets AND Their Pawrents

The New Year is a fantastic time to make a change in your life – whether you’re looking to commit to a resolution, or just try something new, we’ve got you covered! We’ve figured out the best new adventures to try you can involve your furbaby in!

Camping And Getting Outdoors

Person and dog sit inside a tent at Flaming Gorge

Getting outside and into nature has been a focus a LOT of people have shifted their priority to since early 2020 (hmm, why would that be?). We’re lucky at FurHaven to be nestled in the beautiful city of Bellingham, Washington. Sea kayaking and snowboarding are just an hour’s drive apart, so we know how important it is to get outdoors! If you want to spend this year in nature a little more, why not bring your pup!? We’ve got a list of essentials, as well as tips and tricks for bringing your pet along with you!

Woman Hiking With Dog

If you’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Washington like we do, the world of hiking with your pup is in your backyard! Here’s a few of our favorite (and all around well loved) hiking trails that you can bring your fur baby along on!

Dog Sleeping In Hammock With Tent In Background

Forgetting essentials during a camping trip is the worst! If you want your furry friend to enjoy camping with you, make sure to check out this list of tips and essentials to think about before bringing them along!

Trail Pup Packable Pillow

Bring comfort with you! Perfect for use at home, in the car, camping, or on an RV trip, the Trail Pup Packable Pet Pillow creates a soft bed for your pet to rest insulated from the cold, hard ground.



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