Petlibro Gift Guide for Pets

Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, National Pet Day… Every year we get together to celebrate various holidays, and that means it is necessary to shop for gifts for your loved ones. In fact, 90% of pet owners consider their pets fully-fledged members of the family. Your four-legged furballs deserve to be pampered in these holiday seasons. The question is, what to get them?

gift guide for pets

We here at Petlibro have whipped up this gift guide for all you pet parents. Packed inside you’ll find our best-selling automatic water fountains and pet feeders that are sure to perk up your pets. After all, a healthy pet is a happy pet. And a happy pet is a happy you.

Water Fountains

Your pet deserves crisp, clean drinking water. Trouble is, they often prefer your faucet or toilet over their water bowl. One of the main reasons is due to their poor eyesight up close. They can’t see the static water in their bowl. That’s where an automatic water fountain come in handy.

These handy gadgets recreate the flow of water you’d find from a natural spring. This grabs your pet’s attention and entices them to drink from the clean water rather than that dirty toilet bowl.

Below we’ve picked out our 3 best-selling automatic water fountains guaranteed to keep pets healthy and hydrated.



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