Preparing for a Puppy with Puppy Bites & Puppy Milk Replacer

puppy products

Bringing a new puppy home is always an exciting time for pet parents. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and a little anxious about all the things a puppy needs! 

Fortunately, Zesty Paws is making things a bit easier for pet parents by launching two new products specifically for puppies: Puppy Milk Replacer and a new line of functional Puppy Bites.

In this article, we’ll look at when, how, and why to use each product so that you and your puppy can be prepared for the road ahead. 

puppy milk replacement

Q: What is milk supplementation? 

A: Milk supplementation is the act of providing milk to infants, both human and animal alike, when the mother is unavailable or unable to supply milk in adequate amounts. This is done by bottle-feeding using an FDA-approved, breed-specific, commercially available milk replacer that closely mimics the mother’s milk product.  

Q: Why do puppies need it?

A: Fortunately, most puppies do not require milk supplementation, as their mother will nurse them appropriately until they are weaned. However, in cases where the puppy is orphaned, abandoned, or rejected by its mother, it is necessary to supply milk. In other cases, the mother may be nursing, but not in adequate amounts, and additional milk is needed. 

Q: When would puppies need it?



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