Pros and Cons of Using CBD for Dogs

There is a growing interest in cannabis products and the compounds in cannabis, including CBD and THC. THC is well-known for its psychoactive properties, meaning it can get you high. CBD is an active compound found in cannabis that does not produce any such effects. Doctors prescribe it for humans and dogs to relieve pain, anxiety, and other chronic illnesses.

If your dog is suffering from loss of appetite, pain, or other medical issues, you can try CBD for dogsto provide much-needed comfort. You may be still wondering if this cannabis extract is the best substance to offer for your dog. Read the following sections to learn about the pros and cons of using CBD for pets.

Advantages of CBD for Dogs

This herbal extract can work wonders on your pet, especially for chronic issues. Here are some of the benefits of CBD for pets.

Lowers Anxiety Levels

Like humans, your pets can have anxiety. They may express it by not eating properly, barking continuously, panting, or shivering. CBD oil for dogs may help them combat the stress naturally. You can start with smaller doses and see how your pet reacts.

Fights Cancer Cells

About six million dogs are diagnosed with cancer each year. It’s is heartbreaking hearing that diagnosis. However, you can help relieve your pet’s pain using CBD oil.



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