Storm Anxiety In Dogs – 5 Tips You Need To Know

Does your dog freak out a little during storms? Fret not, this behavior is completely normal. After all, your dog’s senses are naturally thousands of times stronger than humans, making every sound and shake amplified.

Behaviors such as whining, shaking, and hiding are common reactions for a dog who is afraid or anxious during a storm.

Here are some solid tips that will have you and your pup ready to keep calm and storm on.

1. Cozy up

One of the most important things to do during a storm is to provide your dog with a space where they feel comfortable, cozy, and as safe as possible. Maybe it’s in their crate with the door open, or perhaps it’s in bed snuggling with you. There is something soothing about a smaller space that provides dogs a “safe haven” feeling, without feeling trapped.

2. Give me the goodies

Make sure to fill your dog’s safe haven with their favorites – toys, treats, water, etc. The sense of familiarity helps them feel at home. These items can also serve as a distraction that takes their attention away from the noises and sounds of the storm.

3. Shut out the storm

Any way you can keep the storm out of sight out of mind – do it! Close doors to minimize sound and close windows so there is no visibility of what’s going on outside. A little music can help too!



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