The 5 Best Cat Toys for Christmas

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Ask any cat owner and they’ll tell you that their cat is part of the family. Unfortunately, when it comes to Christmas shopping, many people forget to shop for their furry little friend.

The good news is that getting your cat a gift for Christmas is fun, easy, and even inexpensive! We’ll cover the best options for you to get your cat this Christmas, as well as what things you should keep in mind when picking out a toy for your cat!

Things to Consider When Shopping for Cat Toys

You have to consider the cost, how much space they’ll take up, and how many pieces a cat toy comes with.


When we refer to size, we’re referring to how much space a cat toy takes up. Some cat toys, like cat towers, take up a lot of space. On the other hand, smaller cat toys, like wands with attachments, take up much less space.

Therefore, cat toys either take up a little space, a decent amount of space, or a lot of space.


You’ll notice that many cat toys come in sets. These sets are groups of different cat toys. In cat toy sets, most pieces are small and give your cat something else to play with when they get bored or their other toys.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to see how many items you’re getting. Pieces may also refer to attachments and accessories.


The age of your cat is also a factor. Young cats prefer toys that you can engage with because it gets them moving. On the other hand, older cats prefer stationary toys that they can interact with when they’re up for it. Catnip is also a great thing to include for an older cat to get them moving.

Top 5 Cat Toys for Christmas



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