The Benefits Canine Massage: Soothing Successes

The Benefits Canine Massage: Soothing Successes

Does your four-legged companion love a good scratch and belly rub? Do they do that cute thing where they close their eyes and grin ear to ear?

Touch is so important for our furry friends – for us humans too! Researchers have suggested that physical contact is crucial for both ours (and our puppers) mental and physical health and well-being.

When it comes to the health of your pooch, a belly or head rub may be one of the best ways to share love between you and your pet. It builds trust as your pet ages, the ‘feel-good’ hormones that you both experience over time create an unbreakable bond.

So why not take your special cuddly relationship up a tad with a dog massage? This really is becoming a hot topic in the world of holistic and therapeutic options.

Let’s take a dive into the benefits of canine massage and the different techniques that your pooch may melt away loving.

What are the Benefits of Dog Massage?

As you’ve surely picked up on, massage is quickly becoming a bonding ritual bringing together dog and paw parent. When you know you’re doing something that your doggo likes, this also allows you to feel reassured that you’re doing the best you can to meet fido’s needs.

Beyond the beautiful and comforting relationship that you can provide to your dog, massages can also help alleviate their stress and health concerns.

Here are 8 ways in which dog massage may be helpful to your canine.

1. Relieves Pain

When your pup inevitably begins to age, they’re more than likely yo experience joint pain and may even develop arthritis. Some breeds are more prone to having joint problems, like hip dysplasia. A soft and concentrated rub down of their muscle and joints may help them with their joint pain and stiffness.

2. Promotes Deep Breathing

A calming massage can help your dog’s breathing slow down and be more regular. Deeply breathing may promote a feeling of relaxation as well as support healthy lung function for your doggo. Sounds like a deep sigh of relief to me!

3. Moves Fluid

The lymphatic system is a major role in filtering blood and draining fluids from body tissues. Massage therapy can help keep lymphatic fluid going, keeping their lymph nodes healthy and functioning.

4. Reduces Anxiety

Some dogs may be naturally more anxious than others. That’s okay! The ones who may hide when the weather gets bad or reacts timidly when they get in the car may benefit from massage treatments. Massage can help calm dogs down, especially when they’re feeling stressed. This may help them remember that there’s nothing too scary to worry about.



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