The Best Large Dog Clothes For Every Season

Changes in weather call for changes in your dog’s wardrobe. Discovering different clothing options designed specifically for each season will help you feel more at ease when spending time outdoors with your pup. From large dog hats, bandanas, and boots, to sweaters and large dog coats, dressing your pup  when the weather fluctuates will keep them feeling comfortable all year long!

Should Large Dogs Wear Clothes?

Clothing for your large dog will prove helpful in numerous weather conditions, especially in extreme cold and heat. In the winter months, large single-coated dogs don’t have the additional warmth of a soft undercoat, making them more vulnerable to the cold. A few dog breeds that have single coats include Greyhounds, Boxers, and Great Danes. In the summer, large double-coated dogs are at risk of overheating due to extra insulation. These double-coated breeds include Siberian Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and Samoyeds.The sun’s rays also pose a threat to large dogs with dark coats who absorb heat much faster than their lighter-coated friends.

If you’re hoping to outfit your large dog with a functional and stylish wardrobe best suitable for their size and type of fur, look no further. Here are our top large dog clothes for each season!


Playing fetch in the park, making a splash at the pool, or chasing sunsets at the beach are all fun activities for you and your dog to enjoy this season. With more time spent outdoors, it is important to keep your pup protected when temperatures soar. The following large dog clothes for summer provide the perfect protection for your pup from heat, UV rays, and hot pavement.



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