The best LickiMat recipes | Chosen by you

How does playtime and treat time all in one go sound? We are loving our boredom-busting LickiMats, which you now can to your delivery too! Super easy to prepare and perfect for a mentally stimulating mealtime for your dog – plus, the grooves and ridges are great for slowing down fast eaters.

We asked the Wet Nose Nation Facebook group for your top LickiMat recipes and were blown away by the response we received. Here are two of our favourites for you to try out at home.

Top tip: pop them in the freezer for a cooling treat during warmer weather; the canine equivalent of enjoying an ice cream!

Eunika & Buddy’s combination:

You’ll need:

  • wet food
  • Chopped up raw broccoli
  • Grated carrot

How to prepare:



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