The Facts on Picky Eaters

If you’re the parent of a picky pup, you’re not alone. We wanted to better understand dogs with particular food preferences, so we did a little digging and talked to 2000 dog parents. Here’s what we found out (and why we created tasty solutions for dogs that turn their nose up at everything else).

It turns out, lots of dogs are picky.

Half of the pet parents we talked to said they consider their pups to be picky eaters, meaning they struggle to get their dogs to eat their meals. In fact, 7 in 10 said their pet is just as much of a picky eater — if not pickier — than their child.

Kids just want to eat the good stuff. Dogs are no different. That’s why our kibble is made with ingredients like organic chicken, real salmon, carrot, sweet potato, and other drool-worthy foods.

Fillers in food aren’t helping.

Most of the pet parents we talked to agreed: quality ingredients make dogs more excited to eat. But, two thirds of them falsely believed that every ingredient in their dog’s food contributes to nutrition or taste, without acknowledging that many contain fillers.

Our kibble is made with real ingredients only. This means no artificial ingredients, flavors or colors, no byproducts or corn, wheat or soy. It’s a daily dish that’s not just healthy — it’s craveable, too. During an independent extended feeding study, 9 out of 10 dogs preferred the taste of Jinx to the leading kibble brands.



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