Three Ideas for Celebrating Easter with your Doggo

Who says Easter is just for the pet parents? Dogs can join in on the fun too! They’re a huge part of the family after all. We’ve put together a few ideas on how to help your doggo feel included in all of the hippity-hoppity fun below.

1) Have a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt

Stuff some eggs with treats and hide them around the house or outside! Let your pup use their trusty sniffer to sniff them out. They will probably need your thumbs to open the eggs for them (you don’t want them chewing into the plastic), but they’ll still have a ton of fun with you as their sidekick!

2) DIY bunny ears for your pup

They might not wear them all day, but these DIY bunny ears are a super cute & easy craft project for some adorable photos! All you need is some craft felt, scissors, hot glue, and a headband that will fit your doggo’s noggin. You can find the full project here.



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