Tips for Picky Pups

We created Jinx to be both nutritious and tasty and we’ve heard from many happy dog parents that their previously picky dogs dig our recipes. However, some dogs need a little more coaxing at mealtime, even with the tastiest food in their bowls. How you feed your dog is just as important as what you feed your pup. Dealing with a seemingly picky dog can be tricky, so we’ve rounded up our favorite tips and tricks to get your pup excited about meal time.

Make dog ‘cereal’

Add a few tablespoons of warm (not hot) water to your dog’s food to help release appetizing aromas. Just be sure to not leave moistened food out for more than four hours. Some smaller dogs or older dogs have a weak sense of smell, which can make their food seem not as appealing as it used to be. Adding a little warm water can sometimes be a quick trick to encourage your dog to eat while also helping them hydrate.

Find the perfect portion

If you are feeding your pet more than one meal during the day, divide the amount into the number of meals. Make sure when you follow the feeding directions for your dogs food you are not doubling or tripling the recommended amount! For example: If the food you are feeding your pup says to feed 1 cup per day, that means 1 cup per day total. If you want to feed your pup twice a day, give them ½ a cup in the morning and ½ a cup in the evening. This prevents overfeeding which can cause weight gain and tummy troubles. This may seem obvious but it is a mistake that is easy to make. Christina, our Social Media Manager, accidentally did this when she was first fostering a little Boston Terrier named Bun. After being concerned that he wasn’t finishing his food, she realized she was feeding the little guy twice his daily recommendation!



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