Top 5 Supplements Every Dog Owner Should Feed their Pup

Just like people, dogs get their nutrients from their diet. While you may think their diet may be top of the line, your #FBF may still miss out on some of the awesome nutrients you can’t find in just every-day kibble. So how can you incorporate more nutrients into your pups daily meal routine?

Answer: Supplements!

Supplements can enrich your dog’s wellbeing, act as preventative care from illnesses and balance out their diet. Like people, sometimes our pups just aren’t getting enough of a good thing.

Here are the top five supplements you should incorporate in your dog’s diet for the best quality of life:

  1. Multivitamin- Multivitamins contain well… vitamins of course!  Vitamins like biotin, vitamin e, and B12  are essential to your pups diet. While Biotin and Vitamin E are great for your dog’s skin and fur, B12 helps to maintain a healthy nervous system.
  1. Probiotics- Happy gut = happy dog! Probiotics for your dog will greatly improve their gut health by supporting the growth of good bacteria, which in turn strengthens your dog’s immune system. Probiotics can improve digestion, mood, fur/skin appearance and can even reduce bad breath. The common saying that all health starts in the gut holds true for dogs, so consider investing in a good probiotic for your pup!
  1. Chondroitin- This one sounds pretty scientific, but it really serves a super basic function! This is an essential supplement that helps repair your dogs’ tissue and retain water. Not only should you give this to your #FBF if they’ve been injured, but giving these to your pets early in their lives is a smart preventative move to prevent future injury, and possibly costly vet bills!



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