Top tips for keeping your dog calm during a storm

As the Met Office released yet another storm warning for areas of the UK, pet owners might find themselves with worried or anxious dogs as the storms roll in. Not only is this stressful for the dogs, but also for their owners.

Thankfully, you can keep your dog calm during a storm if you follow these top tips.

Tire them out before the storm begins

Getting your dog sleepy before the storm begins will help to get them into a calm state of mind before the storm begins. Keep an eye on the weather forecast to get an idea of when the storm is due to start and take your dog on a long interesting walk beforehand, have them socialise with other dogs and even practice some training. Both the mental and physical stimulation should tire them out enough to help them sleep through most of, if not all of the storm.

labrador wearing wellies

Lead by example and stay calm yourself

When the storm starts, be cautious not to act unsettled yourself. We often forget that dogs can quickly pick up on our body language and stress levels which may in turn upset them if they sense that you are anxious. Act calm and confident and try not to fuss with them too much as this can cause them to feel stressed.



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