Walking Dog At Night? Get This Gear To Be Safe

As a good dog parent, you know it’s important to walk your dog often. And this often means walking the dog at night. Dark nights can mean danger for your four-legged friend, due to the lack of visibility and the risk of your dog running away. So here are our tips for dog safety at night – so you can protect your canine pal and your peace of mind!

What’s the risk of walking a dog at night?

Walking with a dog in the dark can present a number of challenges. The most dangerous and most common problem with nighttime dog walking is that other people – especially people driving cars – can’t really see you or your dog. If a driver can’t see you, you and your dog are at risk of being hit. The same goes for bicyclists – don’t underestimate the damage that a bicyclist or even a jogger can do to you and your pup. As a dog owner, it is important to be aware of these dangers and challenges. Whether it is a reflective dog collar, a headlamp or a reflective safety vest, both dog and owner should be prepared for walks in the dark. With the right gear both ends of the leash can be safe.

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Night time dog walking gear

Leash & collar tags

This should go without saying, but if you are walking your dog at night make sure to bring a leash and have ID tags on your dog’s collar. These items shouldn’t be missed on any walk. It’s also beneficial to microchip your dog before going on any outdoor adventures.

Reflective dog vest

One of the most important items for walking a dog at night is bright clothing with reflective elements (this goes for both the human and the dog). A reflective visibility vest is a great way to increase your dog’s visibility at night or in cloudy weather. Lightweight safety vests are comfortable to wear and ensure your dog is seen and safe. A reflective dog collar is also a good way to keep you dear friend safe in the dark. A neon colored dog collar, lined with a highly visible reflective strip running down the middle, will illuminate your dog in the dark.



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