What Causes Stress in Dogs and How to Ease It

Sad Bulldog

Just like people, dogs can get stressed from time to time. There are plenty of external elements that can get our dogs stressed, however, sometimes the owners, can create that stress without even realizing it. No pet owner wants an unhappy dog. That’s why it’s important to take notice and learn what causes stress in dogs in order to avoid it.

Causes of stress

There are plenty of situations that can stress out a dog. One of the most common ones occurs when the dog is left alone for long periods of time. Dogs are social beings and they require company. If they spend too much time alone they can feel lonely. They also can get scared.

Change of residence is another common stress trigger. Whether you’re moving to another place or simply putting the dog in a kennel, a strange new place will make the dog feel quite uneasy. Another big change for a dog is when a member of its ‘pack’ leaves or a new one shows up. A dog recognizes your family as their pack, so the death of a family member can be very stressful for a dog.

Other situations that can cause stress in dogs include traveling in a car and loud sounds and music. Dog’s hearing is rather sensitive.



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