What Thanksgiving Foods Can Dogs Eat?

Gobble, gobble, gobble – it’s turkey time!

If you’re getting as excited about the Thanksgiving feast as we are here at Zesty Paws®, you might also be wondering what festive food you can share with your bestie.

When your house starts to fill with all those sumptuous smells, you know they’ll be drooling at some of it! And who can blame them?

Giving pets hooman food is tricky because some of our yummiest delights are dodgy for our canine companions. However, some food is fine in moderation.

So, what Thanksgiving foods can dogs eat? We’ve taken a look at four of the most paw-pular food items to give you the answers you’re looking for.

Can My Dog Eat Turkey?

Yes! A taste of turkey will keep Fido’s tail just a waggin’!

But, be careful what you share. Cooked bones are a no-no, since they’re brittle and splinter easily, which may hurt your pup’s tummy or become a choking hazard. Remember, some dogs tend to gulp food down or only partly chew it, so bone-free precautions are key.

Avoid fat at all costs, too. Turkey skin or fatty bits of meat may lead to diarrhea (ugh) or other “not-so-Zesty” tummy troubles.

Instead, feed them nice slices of white or dark meat cooked thoroughly and with no seasoning. Yum!

What Thanksgiving foods can dogs eat

Can My Dog Eat Sweet Potato?

Who doesn’t love sweet potato casserole? So good! But all the (lovely) brown sugar, butter, and marshmallows isn’t good for our furry faves.

However, that doesn’t mean sweet potatoes are on the ‘no’ list. You just have to keep it simple.



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