What to do if your kitty suffers from pollen allergy

With humans, allergies are a common thing. Everybody knows someone, who suffers from hay fever at some time during the year. It may come as a surprise to many that, cats can also suffer from feline pollen allergies. And while there is no permanent cure for the cat pollen allergy, there are certain things you can do to help your cat. Whether you’re a first cat owner or not, find out what works best for your kitty!

Find the source of the allergy

Your veterinarian’s allergy test says your cat is allergic to a plant that doesn’t grow anywhere near you? But your cat still shows symptoms of a severe allergic reaction?

In order to protect your kitty from a cat pollen allergy, you need to know where she is going on her daily trips.

Maybe your cat’s outdoor excursions take her to places you’re not aware of. Of course, not all places are safe for your cat. Some places can put your cat in danger.

Pollen allergy explained

Allergies work the same way in every organism, feline or human. It is not entirely known why some of us get allergies while others don’t, but what is certain, is that an allergy causes the body to react to certain substances in the same way it reacts to diseases.

As a result, the immune system produces antibodies and launches all available defense mechanisms and chemicals.This includes:

  • the production of histamine (which is useful in defeating diseases)
  • swelling
  • itching
  • watery eyes
  • runny nose

For patients with pollen allergies, the substance or “allergen” that causes this reaction is pollen, a fine powdery substance secreted by seed-producing plants for reproduction.

symptoms for cat pollen allergy

Does my cat have a pollen allergy?

Just like humans, cats can also suffer from pollen allergies and the common symptoms can be similar to ours. Consult your veterinarian, if your cat shows signs of:



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