Why are Black Cats Unlucky?

Why are black cats unlucky?

Black cats have a long and turmoil filled history. From being worshipped in Ancient Egypt to being thought to steal the souls of the dead in Celtic mythology, these mystic moggies have definately had their ups and downs. Today we’ll explore whether they really are unlucky, and some of the reasons we absolutely adore them!

Where did it originate from?

The omen that black cats are unlucky mainly originated from the Middle Ages when they were often associated with witches. It was widely believed across Europe and America that witches could turn into them at night to roam around unobserved, practicing dark magic.

Black cats

The Problem Today

Nowadays, although much superstition has faded, black cats still have a tough time. Around Halloween, black moggies are used as a symbol and can be seen (often accompanied by witches) in Halloween decorations across the World.

You may not think anything of it, but unfortunately this has resulted in a huge issue for them when being adopted. Sadly they are still less likely to be adopted from a shelter than their more colourful buddies. With animal shelters across the UK almost always operating at full capacity, and so many residents eager to find their furever home, it is so important for people to consider adopting over buying their new furry friend. Hopefully after reading this you might think about adopting a black cat!

Black cats

So Are Black Cats Really Unlucky?

In our opinion, of course black cats are not unlucky. Let’s be honest here all cats can bring their own devilish personality to the table. From pushing glasses off your counter to scratching up your sofa, they can sometimes drive you up the wall. But we wouldn’t want them any other way.

Black cats have had a bad time throughout history but we can only see the positives. Here are just a few reasons why we love black cats..

Reasons why we love black cats



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