Why Are Cats’ Noses Wet?

Cats’ noses can be wet or dry, but do you know why? Some of it is related to evolution and some of it is reflective of their health.
Let’s take a look at how kitty noses work, what’s normal, and what may be something to monitor.

Reasons Why a Cat’s Nose Is Wet

There are two types of sweat glands in mammals: apocrine and eccrine.

Apocrine glands are located across a cat’s entire body because they work using hair follicles. In humans, these glands are located on our scalp, armpits, and groin.

Eccrine glands are located in hairless (or furless) areas on cats, like the nose, paw pads, and lips. In humans, these glands are across our entire bodies.

Now, there are a number of reasons that can cause a cat’s nose to sweat or become wet.

Temperature Control

We sweat and the moisture evaporates to cool us off. The same thing happens for your cat.

A sweaty nose is just one way to help the cat maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Another way is from grooming themselves and the moisture evaporating off their fur and skin.

A cat that’s hot will have a moist, warm nose and paw pads. They may even leave footprints on surfaces from their sweat.

Stress Response

It’s not uncommon to observe a cat’s hot or moist nose when you’re en route to the vet. This is because stress elevates body temperature, and it’s your cat’s way to cool off.



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