Why do Dog Scratch and how to Care For Dog Itchy Skin?

As dog’s age, they suffer from a variety of social issues and yes, itchy skin is one of the most common. Dogs have a limited vocabulary, so they scratch and bite to let you know that something is amiss. Scratching is nature’s way of showing us that they’re itchy, and when we don’t help them, they’ll become more frustrated and start biting and licking to get relief. In this blog we will discuss why dogs scratch and how to care for dogs’ itchy skin.

dog itchy skin

Possible Reasons for Dog Itchy Skin

There are many possible causes of dog itchy skin. It ranges from allergies to certain medical conditions. Here are all the possible culprits of dog scratching.

Environmental Allergies

Many of the same allergens that affect humans can also trigger allergies in our pets. For example, pets may be allergic to mold spores or pollens, which are often present in pet dander and household dust. If you notice your dog scratching a lot or see signs like redness and fur loss, it might be time to seek veterinary care for specific environmental allergies.


Just like mosquito bite in humans a flea bite in dogs can cause allergy and itching. The most common spot of affection from pests are around the tail base, haunches, and rear-end. If you are unable to find any fleas it doesn’t mean there are no fleas on the dog’s body. And do take notes; one bite from one flea can make your dog very uncomfortable.

Skin Infection

Bacterial and yeast infections can be very painful for pups. The itching is often accompanied by red inflamed skin that may have a strong odor as well as open wounds. These skin conditions are typically found around areas of the body prone to friction, like under the tail, and neck area. Over-the-counter treatments may be used to lessen symptoms of these infections, but they can only treat visible infections.



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