Why does my cat stare at me? In fact, it is a “hint”

When a cat stares at you quietly, motionless, what do you want to do at that moment?

Do you want to pick up the cat and give it a kiss, or hold the cat in your arms, pet the cat, and listen to the cat’s purring sound getting louder and louder?

For most of the day, apart from eating and sleeping, cats stare at their owners, accompany them, and remain motionless.

This moment is also the most peaceful moment for the cat owner.

You stare at the cat, the cat is staring at you, without saying a word, you just look at each other silently; even if the cat is usually naughty, at least in that moment, you will feel calm and comforted.

So, why do cats always stare directly at the cat owner?

In fact, it has a lot to do with some of the cats’ emotions and how much they like their owners.

1. Cats like you, which is a hint to you

Many cat owners are curious: does my cat like me or not? It usually does not want to be held by me, do not want to be touched by me, does it not like me?

In fact, some cats are naturally so, they are relatively cold, will not easily show their emotions and affection.

However, when such a cat stares directly at you, it gives the cat owner the clearest hint: it is very interested in you and likes you very much.

So, no matter where you are at home, the cat will lie silently beside you, staring at you and seeing what you are doing.

why does my cat stare at me

2. In the eyes of cats, cat owners are “omnipotent”

Do you know?

In fact, in the eyes of cats, you may be an omnipotent Superman; many things you do will make cats curious, they will be scared and surprised, but they are more likely to have fun.

So, when you are busy, the cat accustomed to staring at you, want to see your every move, to see what you are doing.

When you are cooking, the cat will hide at the kitchen door and stare at you; when you go to the bathroom to wash, the cat will lie under the bathroom door and peek at you.

The curiosity of cats is really heavy, they will be interested in everything that has a sound and sports.



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